Transportation Equity

FACE has been working on Transportation related issues since the beginning of the organization. One of the first campaign wins for the organization was priority seating for senior and disabled riders. FACE leaders worked to secure $2 million in appropriations to build green-roofed bus shelters all over the island. During the early community discussions for rail, FACE helped to organize meetings around Honolulu. The rail means the development of affordable housing along the transit stops, job growth and creation, and focused development along the urban corridor – leaving the country, country.

Most recently, leaders were concerned with the bus fare increases. A bus riders’ petition campaign resulted in a meeting with the Department of Transportation Services. The concern was that federal bus funds were being used for the future rail budget. After the meeting, FACE received a letter stating that the federal grant money for the bus would not be used for rail!

There was broad support in our “talk story” meetings for the proposed rail based on traffic concerns, the opportunity for new affordable housing attached to transit villages, and the economic development multiplier effect that rail has brought to other¬†cities.¬† However, we are concerned that the current plans do not prioritize equitable development, and we are worried by recent stories about the apparent weakness of planning for the rail system.

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Transportation Documents