Quality healthcare is vital to the welfare of Hawaii’s citizens and its economy.  Our healthcare system takes into account the social, historical and cultural needs of the people of Hawaii, particularly our families, our elderly and our disabled, and must be protected for future generations.  It is also the fourth largest private industry in Hawaii, providing a significant number of jobs for our people.

The quality healthcare system that Hawaii has known for years is in crisis.  It is eroding because healthcare providers such as doctors and hospitals are no long being paid enough to cover increasing the increasing costs of delivering essential services.  Hawaii’s healthcare providers are reimbursed by Medicare and Medicaid at well below the national rate, with dire consequences

  • Hawaii Health System Corporation, our safety net of hospitals and physicians for primarily rural
  • Physicians, particularly specialists, are leaving Hawaii.
  • Jobs are being lost across the healthcare industry.

FACE supports a State public policy of focusing on government payers in the Medicare and Medicaid/Quest programs.  Adequate reimbursement to healthcare providers for our vulnerable citizens is imperative to assure access to high quality care.

FACE will work with legislative and administrative leaders to develop mechanisms that will permanently increase State Medicaid/Quest reimbursements.

FACE will work with the State Administration and the State’s Congressional delegation to encourage nationwide changes in Medicare levels as well as to obtain a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Hawaii, similar to the outpatient COLA received by physicians and hospitals in Alaska.