Education Reform Documents

Listening to Teachers
In the summer of 2012, Faith Action for Community Equity (“FACE”) designed and began conducting a Hawaii Teacher Listening Campaign. They collected responses from educators in both face-to-face interviews and an online questionnaire. To date, over 50 teachers from around the state have provided feedback about their work in the classroom and their perspectives of their chosen profession. After the interview, the teachers reported a deeply felt commitment to their students.

Improving Education Together
In 2011, FACE Commissioned a study into education reform through community engagement efforts both locally and nationwide. Dr. Clifford Tanabe, (University of Hawaii, Manoa, School of Education) published this study and it was released together with FACE’s January 2011 Equity Summit.

FACE’s Department of Education flow chart from the Point of View of the Child and Parents (2010)
The FACE Education Committee decided to try to sort through the Department of Education hierarchy. The following flow chart begins with the child and parents at the center and looks at the relationship to the department as well as a relationship to the state government. Through the exercise of looking at the DOE, the education committee realized that it was a labyrinth-like structure that is very hard to approach and communicate with.

The 2005 Recommendations to Castle Foundation on Public Education Reform
In 2005, the Harold KL Castle Foundation published this paper that lists recommendations and goals for the public school system here in Hawaii.

The 2004 Hawaii Business Round Table Position Paper on Redesigning Public Education
In 2004, Hawaii’s Business Round Table published a paper highlighting the need to improve the state’s public school system to improve the quality of life in our communities, and to ensure a healthy and diversified economy. Please take the time to look over this document.