Education Reform

With the ongoing public discussion around Elected versus Appointed Board of Education members, FACE leaders felt that our members should be given information about the pros and cons of both options. We have added this information to our website. But, as an organization, we feel that parent and community involvement in the education system of our children is of utmost importance. We have decided to focus our attention on how we can work with the Board and Department of Education with the Race To The Top process.


In the school year 2009-2010, the furloughs affected everyone in Hawaii and focused attention on a public education system that appears to be failing to deliver on the basic promise of equal access to opportunity for all. Many parents and teachers feel that the furlough crisis exposed a long smoldering feeling of being left out of decisions about education. The most alarming comments feared that we were drifting back towards the plantation era two-tiered education system, one for the privileged, the other for everyone else. We plan to continue adding our voice to the many good groups seeking to improve our public school system.

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Education Documents