Kathy at Equity Summit

FACE uses a uniquely democratic process to select the issues it will act upon.  Once a year, the congregations and other organizations of FACE survey their individual members to find out what issues are affecting their lives and what conditions they see in their communities which need change.  Once the listening process is completed, we look to see what issues are of greatest concern, form committees around those issues, and choose courses of action.  This process not only helps FACE to select its issues to act upon, but also aids its member organizations in addressing the concerns of their members within their own congregations/organizations. The process of active conversation helps to bring out the great wisdom in the people.

In the fall we recommit to this process to identify a new set of issues and priorities, and in the spring we vote at our annual Issues Assembly on our priorities for the year.

Our top issues of 2015 are:

  • Long term care and the challenge of aging
  • Immigration Reform
  • Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Other issues that will continue to take actions on are:

  • Economic Insecurity and Minimum Wage
  • Education Reform
  • Sustainability

Click on the links to the side to see what issues have been important to us, what we have done in the past, and what we hope to accomplish in the future.