Governor Ige Needs to Hear from Us!

It takes a lot of people applying a lot of pressure to get a good idea to move through government.

You proved what’s possible when the legislature unanimously passed the Kupuna Caregivers Program last month and sent it to the Governor for his signature. But it’s been over a month, and the bill is still sitting on Governor Ige’s desk.

We need to do it again. Family caregivers can’t continue to wait for the help they need, and Governor Ige must act soon. Let’s remind him how important this issue is to families across Hawai’i. Will you send him a personal message today?

Click here to send your message directly to Governor Ige.

As Governor Ige decides what legislation to sign this year, it’s vitally important that he hears from us again.

When you click to send your note to the Governor, we’ll send you to his official website contact form. It’s a long form, but it is the best way to make your voice heard.

As you go down the page, there are a few required fields to fill out. When it asks for the bill’s “Topic,” select Health. Make it clear that you’re talking about “Bill Number” HB607. And for your “Position,” definitely say that you Support the bill!

Then, when you get to the “Message” field, you don’t need to write much to have a real impact: a short note about your story and why the legislation is important to you will be enough to leave an impression. We’d recommend something like this:

Please sign the Kupuna Caregivers bill (HB 607) to give our families the help we need to provide the care our kūpuna deserve.

Or you can write a sentence or two of your own about how caregiving has affected your life and how this vital support would help your family.

We all know that caregiving, and caregivers, are often invisible in our society. Will you take action today to remind Governor Ige about the work caregivers do, and the need for the Kupuna Caregivers program?

Send your note today.

Thanks for all you do,

Kevin, Pedro, and the Care4Kupuna team

Housing in Hawaii – What’s Holding It Up!

Jay Fidel and Duke Oishi highlight a conference put on by Think Tech, Hawaii Venture Capital Association and Pacific New Media covering housing in Hawaii.

A range of topics concerning housing were discussed by the members of the conference, who include Christine Camp of Avalon Hawaii, David Callies of the UH Law School, Robert Harris of the Sierra Club, Lee Sichter of Belts Collins Hawaii, Jun Yang of Faith Action for Community Equity, Panos Prevedouros from the UH School of Engineering, Senator Donovan Dela Cruz the Chair of the Seante Housing Committee, Ben Kudo of Imanaka, Kudo & Fujimoto, Gil Barden of Pacific Island Investments, Jon Wallenstrom of Forest City Hawaii, Ann Bouslog of Mikiko Corporation, Peter Savio of Hawaiian Island Homes, Paul Quintilani of Kamehameha Schools, Cheryl Soon of SSFM International, Marc Alexander the Covernor’s Homelessness Coordinator, Micah Kane of Kamehameha Schools, Billy Kenoi the Big Island Mayor, Emilia Noordhoek from Sustainable Molokai and Harry Saunders of Castle & Cooke. Also includes a Spensation from Bill Spencer about the program on Reciprocal China Investment.