Faith Action for Community Equity Covenant Statement

We, the members of Faith Action for Community Equity, are a multicultural people, richly diverse in ethnicity, language, economics and faith.  We are convinced that, at every level of society, our system of power and power sharing, originally based on democratic traditions, is not working for all people.  As a people of hope who share values arising from our religious convictions, we celebrate the historical teachings of our heritages as they show us the way of justice and compassion, and set us to care for the needs of all people.

Out of these commonly shared values, and out of deep pain over the growing inequities and incivility in our society, we covenant:

  • To strengthen and enhance the vitality of our own congregations, to discover the hopes, dreams, fears and talents of our members;

  • To come together to impact the life of our community , uniting to act on real life concerns in hope;

  • To be a grassroots organization of organizations, uniting in ministry, and caring for the common good of the people of these islands;

  • To examine core issues and the root causes of problems, and to be a vehicle through which our people can act to improve quality of life;

  • To support materially our emerging organization, contributing to its financial needs through pledges and an equitable structure of dues.